Urban Wellness Clinic Launches New "URBANFIT" Transformation…

The Manhattan formed Urban Wellness Clinic has denounced a transformative ‘URBANFIT’ module set to start on Jan 11, 2016. The six-week beginning includes personal training, organisation classes, nourishment coaching, an Active Release Technique event and total online support from a clinic’s group of experts to assistance participants fast comprehend their New Years’ aptness goals.

The module will concentration on a Urban Wellness Clinic’s 7 essential aptness moves (Essential 7) to learn good movement, correct form and settle a substructure for a lifetime of damage giveaway movement. Expert nutritionists will yield individualized coaching and daily association to guard participants’ progress. By mixing offset nourishment with a personalized aptness routine, earthy mutation will be inevitable!

The URBANFIT module will be hold twice a week on possibly Monday and Thursday during 7:30am or Monday and Wednesday during 5:30pm during a Urban Wellness Clinic, located during 57 W. 57th St., Suite 1406, New York, NY 10019.



For additional information per a URBANFIT 6 week mutation program, greatfully revisit http://www.urbanwellnessclinic.com or hit a hospital directly during info(at)urbanwellnessclinic.com and 212-355-0445.



Urban Wellness Clinic is a New York City formed use stoical of a group of heading mutation experts—chiropractic doctors, earthy therapists, personal trainers, and athletes—empowering people to pierce smarter, better, and pain-free. Located during 57 W. 57th St., Suite 1406, New York, NY 10019 and can be reached during 212-355-0445 and info(at)urbanwellnessclinic.com.



Dr. Emily Kiberd started Urban Wellness Clinic with a mission: to optimize each patient’s health, so they live—sprint, lift, race, or stand—without pain. Her imagination spans several healing fields: biomechanics, yoga, and organic mutation patterns. Dr. Kiberd loves rebellious tough cases, and is skilful during sport down an injury’s loyal cause. Her active, cross-discipline treatments stress fixing and accurate movements that offer long-lasting results.

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