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Dr. Dittrich and staff with Dr. Leshunov

Reduction in a symptoms of delicate aging mostly has been reported immediately after a initial treatment

Dr. Richard Dittrich and Professional Aesthetics and Wellness are unapproachable to be a initial in a state of Pennsylvania to offer a breakthrough record of a new Juliet™ diagnosis – a peaceful laser diagnosis to assistance retreat a effects compared with womanlike aging. Juliet is an innovative diagnosis that can concede women to provide a cryptic symptoms mostly compared with birth and gynecological aging. Laser diagnosis is finished in-office and takes approximately 15 minutes. It is radically painless with a low risk of side effects. The rejuvenation is finished but incisions or sutures and does not need anesthesia. A lady can lapse to her life!

As a lady ages, so does her vaginal tissue. These can strongly impact a peculiarity of life of a lady – physically, psychologically, as good as sexually. It can put an undue aria on her attribute with her partner. Many women who knowledge frustrating symptoms (such as bad vaginal lubrication, detriment of vaginal narrowing and even pain during intercourse), do not like to speak about these issues. Instead, they humour in silence, feeling ashamed and meditative they are a usually ones with these problems. These symptoms are utterly common in women of opposite ages and tend to wear over time if not treated.

Until recently, these changes were deliberate an unavoidable partial of a womanlike aging process. Treatment was endorsed usually to women who had medical complications or serious vaginal deterioration. Surgery was a usually answer. Complications, such as infection and infection arrangement were common. “Down time” was weeks or months.

Women are vital longer, healthier lives sexuality is an critical partial of their lives. The ability to continue one’s sexuality is one pivotal to good health. The Juliet laser can be away tuned to “turn behind a clock” on delicate aging. Women news that their symptoms are softened after a initial treatment. Elasticity and lubrication are restored. Bladder symptoms, such as leaking are improved. Sexual retort becomes gentle again. Results will continue to urge in a months that follow. For some, improved formula are achieved with 2 – 3 sessions.

Dr. Richard Dittrich stated:

“Vaginal rejuvenation is a noninvasive approach that we can mechanically and physiologically scold a defects in a hankie that are caused by aging or childbirth. Vaginal rejuvenation with a Juliet laser will assistance remold a vagina. It will assistance to tie a vagina, support with steam and it will assistance with vaginal dryness.”

While some women might need 2 or 3 Juliet treatments, Dr. Dittrich says:

“The cost is most reduce than what we would compensate for years of costly hormone therapy that might or might not work. Additionally, hormones work really small in treating vaginal laxity. Before Juliet, there was really small we could do for laxity, other than surgical vaginoplasty (similar to an episiotomy correct where we surgically move a tools of a vagina closer together) or endless medicine to reconstruct a vagina.”

Juliet has been accessible for years in Europe, Asia and other tools of a world; a FDA has now privileged a complement for a USA!

About Dr. Dittrich and Professional Aesthetics and Wellness Center (PAWC)

Dr. Dittrich is a Fellow of a American Academy of Gynecology. He has offices in Philadelphia, PA and Voorhees, NJ. He acts as a consultant to both attention and word companies. In addition, he is a medical executive of Professional Aesthetics Wellness Center in Philadelphia. PAWC offers bio-identical hormone therapy, medically managed weight detriment management, laser and other cosmetic procedures. His group can be reached during (215) 465-9600 or revisit for some-more information.

About a Juliet Treatment

The Juliet is achieved with a MCL31 laser, that is accessible from Zarin Medical™. Zarin provides a apartment of lasers for medical conditions (feminine rejuvenation, urology, etc.) and cultured procedures (tattoo removal, hair removal, fold reduction, vascular conditions, etc.).    Zarin can be reached toll-free during (844) 927-4600. Or, revisit for some-more information. International inquiries might also revisit

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