Water’s Edge Dermatology Expands and Relocates Lighthouse Point…

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We’re vehement about a relocation of a Lighthouse Point plcae and we demeanour brazen to expanding a services to business in that area.

After experiencing vital growth, Water’s Edge Dermatology found themselves wanting a new space for their Lighthouse Point office. In Oct 2015, a dermatology hospital changed locations.

Water’s Edge Dermatology’s new address, located during 3733 North Federal Highway, is on a heavily trafficked Federal Highway (Route 1). This gives them some-more visibility, permitting a hospital to emanate some-more recognition in a village and to benefit new clients.

“We’re vehement about a relocation of a Lighthouse Point plcae and we demeanour brazen to expanding a services to business in that area,” pronounced Lewis Bergman, use director during Water’s Edge Dermatology.

In their aged space, Water’s Edge Dermatology was usually vast adequate to residence one dermatologist. But after opening their new space, they are means to have dual dermatologists and will be means to provide some-more patients.

Water’s Edge Dermatology’s dermatologists are Dr. Kellie Mosley-Mendez and Dr. Yvette Tivoli. Beth Mitchell is a office’s physician’s assistant.

The new dermatology services bureau is usually a half mile divided from their aged office, and so far, Water’s Edge Dermatology has perceived good feedback on their move.

The new plcae creates it really easy for business to find a bureau and make appointments.

New and incoming patients have seen their building pointer on a highway and have stopped in to make appointments. The pierce is expanding their code opposite a broader audience, ensuring that some-more of a village is wakeful of and has entrance to their services.

In fact, Water’s Edge Dermatology has already augmenting studious intake given relocating and opening their new office.

Water’s Edge Dermatology skeleton to open offices in St. Cloud and Winter Garden in April. These new offices are also expansions, with a same aim of augmenting code recognition and charity their services to those who don’t have entrance to them during a moment.

About Water’s Edge Dermatology

Water’s Edge Dermatology has gifted practitioners and uses a latest record to assistance patients seeking assistance with their several skin issues. The core offers both medical and cosmetic services, treating spider veins, wrinkles, acne, skin infections and more. To learn more, revisit http://www.wederm.com.

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