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Health Advocate™, a nation’s heading medical advocacy and assistance association and a auxiliary of West Corporation, currently announced that participants in a Wellness Program can now bond their personalized wellness website with scarcely 100 opposite aptness inclination and apps from 25 heading manufacturers, including Fitbit®, Garmin® and Jawbone®, among many others.

By charity participants additional inclination and apps to select from, Health Advocate expands interactivity and entrance to a program, permitting some-more participants to use record to effectively lane their swell toward health and wellness goals.

“Technology continues to play an increasingly critical purpose in health and wellness, and Health Advocate is committed to providing a members with a means to some-more effectively implement accessible collection and resources,” pronounced Abbie Leibowitz, M.D., Co-President, Health Advocate. “By enhancing a existent Wellness Program with a formation of these aptness inclination and apps, participants now have a event to work with their Wellness Coach to get a some-more accurate and finish design of their progress, serve assisting them strech their personalized health and wellness goals.”

With this update, module participants can sync information from their favorite inclination with a accumulation of online trackers that guard daily activity, weight and sleep, among other factors that play a pivotal purpose in wellness. The module also supports a series of wellness-focused competitions and incentives-based programs hosted on a site, permitting for involuntary and seamless updates to a member’s progress.

The interactive wellness website is only one member of Health Advocate’s Wellness Program, that combines one-on-one support from a approved Wellness Coach with heading medical information analytics to emanate customized skeleton that assistance members strech their goals. This extensive proceed some-more effectively engages participants, motivating them to make certain function changes and take assign of their health.

Like all Health Advocate solutions, a Wellness Program is able of being entirely integrated with other benefits, including ongoing caring government and targeted communications, to yield some-more revisit hold points and incentives to keep participants involved.

Through a formation of these inclination and apps with a Wellness Program website, members can some-more simply lane a far-reaching accumulation of critical health data, including:

  •     Steps Taken
  •     Time Exercised
  •     Distance Exercised
  •     Weight
  •     Sleep

With this information straightforwardly accessible by their personalized wellness website, participants can see their swell in nearby real-time, augmenting rendezvous and proclivity as they work toward their goals. Health Advocate will continue adding new inclination and apps in a entrance months as good as expanding a forms of information that can be synced to a online platform. Participants also have total entrance to their Wellness Coach if they have questions or need assistance incorporating aptness inclination or apps into their wellness devise and goals.

About Health Advocate

Health Advocate™, a auxiliary of West Corporation, is a nation’s heading medical advocacy and assistance company, portion some-more than 10,000 clients, including many of a nation’s largest companies.

Health Advocate’s award-winning Health Advocacy module helps members navigate formidable medical and insurance-related issues, saving them both time and money. We also offer a apartment of complementing solutions, including Wellness Coaching, EAP+Work/Life and Chronic Care Solutions, among others. Our entirely integrated program, EmpoweredHealth, seamlessly combines a services into a single, available member-centric solution, assisting people well maximize their advantages and urge their health.

We also precedence a energy of pricing transparency, personalized health communications and some-more to assistance members make some-more sensitive decisions and get some-more value out of a medical system. All upheld by a absolute exclusive information analytics engine delivering softened health and financial results.

For some-more information, revisit us during http://www.HealthAdvocate.com

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