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Glenn Gaudette works with students during WPI lab.

Glenn Gaudette, a biomedical engineering highbrow during Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), has been famous by a Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN) as a 2015 Outstanding Faculty of a Year.

Gaudette is credited with heading a group during WPI to exercise a new module on campus, “Developing a Entrepreneurial Engineer.” The module is designed to interpose a undergraduate knowledge with entrepreneurial experiences, challenges, and opportunities as students rise a skills they need to solve a grand hurdles of a world.

“I was really astounded to win this award, and I’m really grateful,” pronounced Gaudette. “I am partial of a smashing group of educators and administrators who are truly ardent about incorporating an entrepreneurial mindset in a technical courses and as partial of a core curriculum. WPI has worked tough to move these programs to campus as a subsequent step in a project-based preparation where impact will turn an expectancy of all WPI graduates.”

The Kern Family Foundation combined KEEN to support colleges and universities meddlesome in building innovative ways of instilling an entrepreneurial mindset in engineering students to assistance safeguard that a United States stays rival in a tellurian marketplace. Its proceed centers on training students to commend and act on opportunities to emanate economic, personal, and governmental impact. Students are challenged to be ceaselessly scientific about a world’s problems, to examine them fully, to bond discoveries and ideas in sequence to find solutions, and to rise viable formula that emanate genuine value and accommodate a needs of a universe around them.

“Glenn was a transparent choice for a 2015 Outstanding Faculty of a Year Award”, pronounced Doug Melton, KEEN module director. “He has been a consistent upholder of a transformative preparation students accept during WPI and supposing model care in substantiating a tie with KEEN. He is reputable by his peers and has a ability to work collegially within a network of schools.”

Gaudette has served as an instance for other expertise members by integrating entrepreneurial meditative and skills into his courses. Last year he worked with a group of 12 expertise members and dual WPI curators on a successful offer to a Kern Family Foundation to serve this proceed on campus. The $488,500 award, perceived in Jul 2015, supports expertise training, a new problem-solving march for first-year students, extracurricular activities—including a student-initiated WPI Test Kitchen—and an annual group foe designed to prerogative a entrepreneurial mindset. These programs align with WPI’s project-based proceed to education, that helps students emanate value and have a certain impact on society.

Gaudette has also participated in many of a expertise growth opportunities done accessible by dual prior grants from The Kern Family Foundation, that creatively brought WPI into KEEN. The network now includes 22 universities from opposite a nation that are collaborating and co-creating collection and resources to foster entrepreneurial engineering.

Roman Gutierrez ’15 credits Gaudette with carrying a surpassing change on his education. “Glenn helped fuel a passion for entrepreneurship by his category called Entrepreneurship in Biomedical Engineering Design. In a propagandize in that so most importance is put on impact, entrepreneurship should be integrated in all levels of education. By injecting this suggestion into a propagandize by a KEEN programs, Glenn is assisting emanate a new era of WPI graduates with even some-more suitable collection and skills to change a world.”

Gaudette has been a member of WPI’s expertise given 2006. He binds a BS in automatic engineering from University of Massachusetts during Dartmouth, an MS in automatic engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, and a PhD in biomedical engineering from a State University of New York during Stony Brook. His primary area of investigate involves study treatments for cardiovascular diseases; he has perceived appropriation from a National Institutes of Health (NIH) and a American Heart Association.

Gaudette will accept a KEEN 2015 Outstanding Faculty of a Year Award on Jan. 5, 2016, during KEEN’s winter discussion in Tempe, Arizona. WPI President Laurie Leshin will be in assemblage and will deliver a conference’s keynote speaker, Michael Crow, President of Arizona State University.

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