Xsens and C-Motion Simplify Human Motion Measurement

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Importing information out of MVN Studio BIOMECH is simple, no coding required.

Today, Xsens, one of a industry’s heading 3D fit constraint innovators, and C-Motion, a leaders in biomechanics program solutions, are bringing a unlimited inertial fit constraint information of Xsens MVN BIOMECH to C-Motion’s stating software, Visual3D.

Now, sports scholarship and medical professionals can use Xsens’ inertial sensor-based fit constraint complement to emanate judicious tellurian fit reports that offer a many accurate approach to consider injuries, training routines, and opening goals. And a mocap can all be finished anywhere – in a lab, on a field, or in a office!

Known as a heading modeling, analysis, and stating apparatus for biomechanics, Visual3D pulls a research-ready information from fit capture. Thanks to Xsens’ sensor-based inertial mocap solution, MVN BIOMECH, researchers have a ability to record tellurian transformation anywhere. Visual3D users can not usually lane a position and course of their subjects, though their quickness and acceleration, as well, with a top levels of correctness and reporting. Please see video overview here.

“Importing information out of MVN Studio BIOMECH is simple, no coding required,” pronounced Hein Beute, product manager for Xsens. “If a ballplayer gets harm now, his doctors can put him in a suit, use Visual3D to consider his movement, and afterwards emanate a rarely detailed, scientifically formed devise for his recovery. It’s that easy!”

While jaunty opening encouragement and earthy therapy applications are healthy use cases, mixing stating record with fit constraint can also be practical to ergonomic and broader sports applications, such as companies perplexing to emanate a using shoe that favors a sold form of footstrike or a investigate group tracking viewpoint and repeated motion.

“Inertial information provides a turn of leisure a business wanted, and a new form of information they didn’t have easy entrance to before,” pronounced Tom Kepple, CTO during C-Motion. “This enrichment in record will give medical researchers some-more information and options that can usually urge a peculiarity of caring for their patients.”

A Visual3D Wiki page for this underline can be found here.


This underline was expelled in Visual3D v5.02.24 and is accessible as a giveaway ascent for all Visual3D business with active support service. MVN Biomech is accessible now from Xsens and its general placement partners.

About MVN Biomech

A record best famous for bringing charcterised characters to life in games and films is changing how tellurian transformation is complicated in investigate and industry. The MVN BIOMECH systems safeguard arguable and accurate tellurian fit measurements. Xsen’s little fit trackers are means to constraint a smallest twitches to high energetic movements on a body. The proven MVN BIOMECH biomechanical indication and sensor alloy algorithms safeguard a top peculiarity fit analysis, even in severe environments. This complement transforms 3D tellurian fit tracking into a wearable record that can be used on prolongation lines, sports fields, in vehicles and aircraft, in a home or any plcae where tellurian physique transformation needs to be analyzed with a high turn of accuracy.

About Visual3D

Visual3D™ is hardware independent, pen set independent, functionally extensible, and has a many able displaying capabilities available. Visual3D provides scientifically validated, unchanging formula from fit constraint data. Its methodical energy and intent design make it a constrained product for clinical assessments, visualizing 3D data, and measuring a opening of transformation associated therapies, animal research, sports associated motion, practical existence activities, and many other applications.

About Xsens

Xsens is a heading dignitary in 3D fit tracking record and products. Its sensor alloy technologies capacitate a seamless communication between a earthy and a digital universe in applications such as industrial control and stabilization, health, sports and 3D impression animation. Clients and partners embody Electronic Arts, NBC Universal, Daimler, Autodesk, ABB, Siemens and several other heading institutes and companies via a world.

Xsens is a Fairchild Semiconductor company, an attention idol delivering energy solutions for a mobile, industrial, cloud, automotive, lighting, and computing industries. Xsens has offices in Enschede, a Netherlands and Los Angeles, California. Please hit us on a web during https://www.xsens.com.

About C-Motion

C-Motion is a tellurian personality in program collection for investigate biomechanics for estimate 3D fit constraint data. C-Motion was combined in 1997 to send 3D investigate record from a National Institutes of Health into a blurb market. C-Motion has given focused on a needs of a medical research, sports research, and reconstruction communities with leading-edge 3D fit investigate capabilities. Today, Visual3D™ has thousands of users in over 48 counties.

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